Econic Technologies

Polymers from CO2

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2011

Location: UK

Econic Technologies develops new catalytic processes for manufacturing polymers from CO2. With Econic’s catalyst technology, at least 30% of conventional feedstock or more can be replaced with this waste gas.

Our processes are very cost-effective, good for the environment and result in high value polymers with applications in the large polyurethane and polycarbonate industries.

Team Members: David Morgan – (MA, Trinity College, Cambridge; Chartered Accountant); Charlotte Williams – (PhD, Imperial College London); Bsc, Imperial College). Charlotte was also awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Meldola Medal (2005); Rulande Henderson – (PhD, Cambridge University; MEng/BSc, University of Delft); Michael Kember – (PhD, Imperial College London; MChem, Oxford University); Colin Keyworth – (PhD, Imperial College London; MChem, York University)