Solar lighting with fibre optics

Founding Year: 2012

Location: France

ECHY technology helps sunlight to be diffused within buildings, using solar panels and fibre optics cables.

The solar panels are fitted on to a tracking system which, once on the rooftop, follows the sun throughout the day, capturing and collecting its rays. The daylight is then conducted through fibre optics to any room inside the building and diffused by ECHY’s luminaires.

The operating principle is simply based on light capture. The lens module Fresnel collects light by concentrating the sunlight. The latter is fixed on a solar tracer two axis” orienting continuously toward the sun. The system is also hybrid: if there is insufficient sunlight outside, a LED system will automatically take over and diffuse light.

ECHY has so far been installed in SETEC, Carrefour, La Poste and ENPC.


Alma Guirao,


Team Members: Stéphanie le Beuze: Co-Founder, Commercial and Financial Director, Quentin Martin-Laval : Co-Founder, President, Florent Longa : Co-Founder, Technical Director