ECF Farmsystems GmbH

Planning and construction aquapnic farm systems in urban environments

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Germany

ECF designs and builds aquaponic farm systems. These are a solution to efficient food production as the water is used twice: first for fish, then for vegetable production. Furthermore, waste products from fish are used to fertilize the plants and emissions from transportation and cooling chains are avoided. ECF is currently building Europe’s largest urban aquaponic farm in Berlin. From 2015 the 1.800 sqm site will produce approx. 25 tons of fish and 35 tons of high-quality vegetables. Within city boundaries, ECF offers Partnerfarms. In the countryside, ECF offers planning and construction of ECF industrial farms.


Christian Echternacht


Team Members: Nicolas Leschke (CEO); Christian Echternacht (CMO)