Driving a trailer made easier, safer and cheaper

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Driving a trailer is unsafe and increases the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle up to 60%.

Furthermore, acceleration uphill with a heavy trailer can prove to be difficult. E-Trailer solved these problems by the development of an electrical trailer. By installing 2 electrical motors, a lithium-ion battery and an intelligent measurement system, the trailer becomes partly responsible for its own propulsion. This delivers five main benefits for trailer owners: 

  • Safe Fuel 
  • Swaying is no longer possible 
  • Assisted acceleration uphill and no overheated breaks downhill 
  • Accelerates faster and smoother 
  • Enables the user, once arrived at the final destination, to steer the trailer by using a smartphone: a mover. 

The system can be added both to new and existing trailers. 


Rick Lenssen

Email: Info@E-Trailer.nl

Website: www.E-Trailer.nl

Team Members: Rick Lenssen (Aerospace Engineering, M.Sc.) and Boy Trip (Construction Management, M.Sc.).