Founding Year: 2014

Location: France

Defab develops smart building solutions via innovative technology that converts IT energy into hot water. Through this new concept, they also provide highly secured computing services for any company in need of IT infrastructure.

Companies buy computing time from Defab’s distribution platform.  The buildings hosting the computing data next to their water-heater benefit from hot water completely free of charge.

Defab recycles the heat of integrated computer equipment, whilst reducing the ecological footprint allowing the consumer to benefit from reduced energy cost. The sale of cloud computing relies on three main markets:

– Simulation, R&D, computations of large industrial groups (Aeronautics, Car manufacturing, Oil&Gaz, Media, Pharmaceutics)

– Broadcasting and Media

– Research

According to an independent study (INDICTA-March 2015), the computing market in France is estimated about 320M€, with an annual growth of 8%. Besides, 2 million water-heaters are sold in France every year, which makes it an easily accessible market with an industrial partnership.

Team Members: Benjamin Laplane (CTO – founder), experienced Software project manager, Business Developer for an IT consulting firm (Benjamin worked as an IT Project Manager for 18 months before joining a consultancy Company where he held positions as Technical Project Manager and Business Manager. He then led the opening of the first Regional Agency of his company in Nantes Grand Ouest for a year, before starting Defab.); Thomas Garnier (CEO – founder), experienced Technical project manager in the space industry and team leader. (With an MSc in Planetary Sciences and an Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship, he has been in charge of a Micro satellites Assembly and Test Platform for four years before co-founding a first Startup in 2013, Axonea, Health Care Data on a Saas Platform, 200k revenue in 3 months.)