Residential heat networks

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: UK

We are developing heat networks that make heat cheaper than consumers can by themselves and deliver it to their homes. Equipment, fuel, and maintenance to keep homes warm are expensive. Heat networks share efficient heating equipment between homes to reduce consumer bills and carbon emissions. These are common at district scale – hundreds of homes – but are uneconomic at smaller.

We overcome this restriction using active network management. By linking controls in each home with the heat network we can reduce peak load (less equipment), reduce average network temperatures (less waste), and use the same mass-produced design for very different housing developments.

The improvements allow us to deliver heat networks for as few as 10 homes cheaper than any individual home solution.


Marko Ćosić 

Team Members: Marko Ćosić (Engineering, MEng (Cantab); James Verrill (Engineering, MEng (Cantab)