The home delivery network: Crowdsourced & Green Deliveries

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Switzerland

BringBee makes it easy for customers to save unnecessary shopping trips.

Customers can write shopping lists via BringBee and find another customer closeby, who is going to the store anyway, who will shop and deliver their purchase at their preferred delivery time. Customers save time and shoppers earn extra money, connect in their community and help to avoid unnecessary traffic.

BringBee takes care of:

  • verification of all users
  • safe payments
  • support
  • free transport insurance

BringBee offers an alternative delivery option on the last mile with no infrastructure costs. It is a chance for retailers to offer more flexible deliveries (one-hour delivery slots, even on holidays), reach new customer groups and position themselves as social and green innovators.


Stella Schieffer / CEO

Team Members: Stella Schieffer (Civil Engineering, M.Sc.); Philipp Oberender (Civil Engineering, M.Sc.); Shoaib Burq (Computer Science B. Sc. & Geomatic Engineering B.Sc. Hons.); Dr. Kashif Rasul (Mathematics, PhD)