“Don’t throw what you pay to grow”

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: UK & Greece

The agro-food industry (wineries, chicken processing factories, breweries, ginning facilities, olive mills etc) is characterized by huge amounts of residues that are disposed every day as waste. In addition, the processing of the raw materials itself is energy consuming and a big part of the cost structure.

BIO2CHP aims at solving two major pains of the agro-food industry: 1) high energy costs, 2) high waste disposal costs.

BIO2CHP is a stand-alone, energy production unit that utilizes the generated by-products for on-site heat and power production. This way, the customers minimize energy costs by utilizing their own organic by-products, which would otherwise be disposed as waste, relieving them also from the corresponding disposal cost.

BIO2CHP is a combination of a gasifier and a gas engine. It is a modular, efficient, and reliable solution, a result of more than 5 years of research, on-site demonstration and validation.


Stefanos Tsiakmakis

Team Members: Dimitris Mertzis (Mechanical Engineer, PhD); Stefanos Tsiakmakis (Mechanical Engineer, MSc, PhD cand.); Ioannis Kavvadas (Mechanical Engineer, MSc); Zissimos Toumasatos (Mechanical Engineer, MSc)