Better Taxi

Think mobility. Throw in social change & ecology

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Germany

BetterTec launches the mobile application BetterTaxi. This application allows customers to order a taxi in many national and international cities via smartphone, in a better way. Better because it is quick and comfortable.

Better because you can share your ride with another person and save money. Better because we care about sustainability and compensate every BetterTaxi ride. For its service BetterTaxi charges a little fee for every successful dispatched ride.


Niels Beisinghoff

Team Members: Niels Beisinghoff (Law, Ph. D.); Marius Schatke (Electrical Engineering, B.Sc.); Fredrik Forstbach (Business Administration, B.A.); Timo Euteneuer (Social Science, M.A.)