BacToShrimp - Back To Fresh

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: The Netherlands

BacToShrimp provides high quality fresh shrimp to all markets close or far from the sea or any other water source.

BacToShrimp aims to apply the design of a start-up plant and scale-up gradually. The target is to enter the market with a fresh product available to local markets and top restaurants and expand to a national and European level.

The technologic and biological advantage of the production plant lays on the principles of a circular economy. The production system does not require any water exchange, has no discharges to the environment (nutrient cycling) and does not use chemicals or antibiotics.

The aim of BacToShrimp is a sustainable production of 8Kg/m2 fresh shrimp inside greenhouses and continuously throughout the year.


Christos Giatsis


Team Members: Christos Giatsis (Ph.D. microbial management - aquaculture production systems), Giulia Benvenuti (Ph.D. Bioprocess engineer – Microalgae production), Mahmoud Haidar (Ph.D. Fish nutrition).