Down2Earth Sensing

Information for precision agriculture

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: the Netherlands

Down2Earth Sensing offers detailed crop stress information to farmers. With high-resolution information, fertilizer and water use can be optimized resulting in higher yields and lower costs.

Current agricultural practice often lacks detailed high-resolution spatial data, making it impossible to adjust and fine-tune water and fertilizer application with crop needs within farmers’ fields.

The AgriDrone service measures crop stress with innovative sensor technology attached to drones, and converts the data to tailor made local advice on water and nutrient crop needs. Farmers can now apply fertilizer and water at the right place and with the right amount, resulting in a cost reduction and yield increase.





Team Members: Rutger van Hogezand (Geohydrology, MSc); Ronald Loeve (International Water Management, MSc)