'Data-driven Agri-optimizations through algorithms'

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2017

Location: The Netherlandss

How many farmers are struggling in keeping their head above the water?
How many farmers are thinking of what to do on their farm in order to maximize their income?

Number-crunching on farm’s optimizations
Start-up Agrisim has the answer to these question. They found a solution by using big-data, technology and algorithms to optimize farms (agri and livestock) and to create options for better decision making in farming and land-use.

Farming as a form of portfolio management
The output improves land-use and livestock production by using data in the way of portfolio management. Agrisim optimizes yields and farmer’s welfare as well as world food production. Agrisim provides alternative production possibilities as well as expected output (forecasted yields) and revenues. The farmers gain insight into their increase of margin based on Agrisim outcome. Agrisim is ready for micro-, meso- and macro-users. 


Ronald de Bruijn

Team Members: Ayça Gökalp (Industrial Engineering, BSc, MBA.), Teun Mentzel (Applied Mathematics, MsC) and Ronald de Bruijn (Economics/Econometrics, MsC).