Adapt, through tailored weather-related forecast, the water and energy operations to the increased weather fluctuations and to climate change

To avoid penalties or to leverage opportunities in their activities, with Wat-Ener-Cast (WEC), water and energy actors would gain through the use of high-quality weather forecasts tailored to their operational needs. Wat-Ener-Cast could represent a real concrete value in terms of optimization of their operation and reduction of risks.

Water and energy operations are more and more impacted by an increasing weather variability (changing climate) and by a growing energy intermittency (due to global energy transition with more highly weather-dependent renewable energies).

Operational decisions require more support from frequently updated weather risk/opportunity forecasts. Today, on the market, one can find either raw weather operational forecast (short-term, seasonal) from meteorological centers which are not directly tailored to the operational risk assessment, or risk assessment tools not enough refreshed by operational forecast/scenario modelling of the weather risk/opportunity.

At this time, operators have not or insufficiently integrated weather information in decision-support tools since raw meteorological data is not tailored to their needs.

Wat-Ener-Cast will fill this gap by providing these actors with easy access to high quality forecasts (predictions and scenarios) suited in risk assessment dashboards for operational decisions.

Project Type

Innovation project – Develops and brings to market climate-relevant knowledge, products and services

Lead Partner

ARIA Technologies

Project Partners


Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation (MEEO)

Imperial College



Project Manager

GUILLAUME Bruno – bguillaume@aria.fr


Project Location

Pan-European project, managed from France

Project Start Date
January 2015

Sustainable Land Use