With Smart Barley, the innovative start up CYBELETECH aims at implementing a WIN-WIN-WIN adaptation strategy in the malt barley production ecosystem.

Smart Barley wants to apply to this crop, constrained by industrial quality standards, their plants growth models. This shall allow, given a number of environmental parameters (climate, quality of the soil, plant species and health, and so on) to finely tune the use of several inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. This approach unlocks:

  • A WIN for barley producers that have a product that systematically fits within the given industrial standards at cheaper production costs (since nitrogen fertilizers are typically massive budget line for those actors)
  • A WIN for the brewers that ensure consistency in their supply and rely on the quality of the production they get
  • A WIN for the environment, as nitrogen fertilizers lead to massive GHG emissions and soil depletion.
Smart Barley
Project Type


Lead Partner


Project Partners


Axereal (supporting partner)


Project Manager

Marie-Joseph Lambert

Project Location

France (A GreenTech Valley)

Project Start Date
May 2016

Sustainable Land Use