PLACE’IN: Planning Circular Economy for Industrial areas

Place’In offers to make industrial symbiosis part of the equation when dealing with territorial planning.

Nowadays, industrial symbiosis is too often wishful thinking, as actually closing the loops requires technologies and logistics compatibility that are not always present.

Providing this kind of information and know-how to territorial planners when designing industrial areas or clusters would help make industrial symbiosis a criterion in selecting the activities to promote in given areas (based on other activities, access to logistics platforms, and presence of other activities). Circular economy could then become a reality in our regions, and the recycling / valuation technologies will finally go out of the labs where they are developed.

Place'In: Planning Circular Economy for Industrial areas
Project Type


Lead Partner


Project Partners

Provadis Hochschule, CRG (école polytechnique)



Project Manager

Delphine Antoniucci

Project Location

France (Zone industrial-portuaires Salaise-Sablons) and Germany (Höchst Industrial Park, Frankfurt-am-Main)


Project Start Date
May 2016

Sustainable Productions Systems