Know Carbon

Guiding consumer behavior to reduce GHG emissions

KnowCarbon will gather existing GHG emissions data in order to develop tools and concepts to support climate-friendly consumer and investor behavior. With regards to consumers, this data will be turned into easy-to-digest, comparable, and action-orientated information to create a meaningful impact on the purchasing decisions of the average consumer. Similarly, KnowCarbon will identify the most effective ways and design tools to reach mainstream investors. The project aims to go beyond merely informing the consumer, but to fully take into account that decision-making is not only based on rational factors and to explore how to shape decision-making environments that will lead to more sustainable purchasing behaviours.

KnowCarbon – Greenhouse Gas Information for Behavioral Change
Project Type

Pathfinder – explores relevant climate areas to identify and prioritise innovation opportunities

Lead Partner


Project Partners

CDP; South Pole Carbon, South Pole Climate Neutral Investments; University of Wageningen

Project Manager

Daniel Hires

Project Location

Pan-European, co-ordinated from Germany

Project Start Date