Clean Air Heat Pump (CAHP)

A newly developed concept that combines heating, ventilation and air-conditioning with air cleaning and energy recovery for buildings

Nearly 40% of the total energy consumption in EU countries is in buildings, and two-thirds of this is used for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC). Clean air heat pump is a new concept developed by DTU that combines HVAC with air cleaning and energy recovery for buildings. It provides healthy and comfortable indoor environments and is expected to reduce energy consumption for HVAC in buildings by up to 60%.
With Climate-KIC’s support, this project is evaluating a prototype of the concept to validate the feasibility of replacing ventilation by air cleaning using a clean air heat pump. The experimental study will be conducted in a laboratory at DTU using both subjective (human response) and objective (chemical measurements) experimental approaches. The study will also provide data for revising existing ventilation standards and improving the design of HVAC systems in the future.