Accompany cities in energy strategy

Providing tools to support the energy transition of European Cities

Many European cities and regions need a sustainable development strategy that meets energy efficiency challenges. In order to support the energy transition of European cities, Accompany cities in energy strategy  (ACCENT) will provide new collective and individual data (statistical, sociological…) and tools (city mapping, building typology by district, insulation, etc.) to city stakeholders. Crossing relevant data helps to diagnose existing energetic situation, to develop strategies in terms of environmental and economic considerations. The interface will contribute to implement new strategies which maximize energy efficiency.

Cities have a key role to play in the energy transition which is central to address climate change and resource scarcity. Cities tend to build and implement local energy strategies, often ignoring the global issues, and fail to consider mid-term and long-term scenarii. However, many European cities are increasingly attempting to define their local energy strategies integrating both economic and environmental impacts. Copenhagen (Denmark) aims to become the first carbon neutral city by 2025 and Perpignan (France) produces all the electricity for its residents locally by 2015. In order to be effective in their energy transition, cities need to coordinate local stakeholders, provide detailed and relevant diagnosis of their region, and identify the potential for energy savings and renewable substitution. Mid and long-term strategies need to integrate the whole energy value chain, from production, distribution and consumption.

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Accompany Cities in Energy Strategy (ACCENT)
Project Type

Innovation project – Develops and brings to market climate-relevant knowledge, products and services

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Project Partners

ESRI Switzerland
Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación (IVE)


arx IT



Project Manager

Solenne Tesseron, ENGIE

Project Location

Pan-European, co-ordinated from France

Project Start Date
March 2014

Urban Transitions