Sustainable Land Use

The extensive demands on natural resources, and the interactions between land use and ecosystems services make the bio-economy sector complex in terms of sustainability. With the impact of climate change, there is a need to build resilience into food and forest supply chains, and, at the same time, drive transparency and traceability. There is a need for a coordinated approach that addresses externalities and efficiency across the value chain.

Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Land Use theme supports approaches that decarbonise agriculture, making it more efficient and productive. We foster innovation in the bio-economy that builds resilience into global food and forest value chains. We promote integrated, sustainable land use, coalescing disparate needs through partnerships and collaboration.

What We Do

  • Forest Management in the Bio-economy

We develop monitoring, restoration and management initiatives that prevent deforestation and degradation and promote the multi-functional role of forests as both carbon sinks and natural assets in the bio-economy. We work to build resilience in forests through risk services and evidence-based planning and management.

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture and Sustainable Food Chains

We provide the tools and frameworks that accelerate precision, efficient and low carbon agriculture technologies, reducing emissions and increasing production yields. Our projects with food value chains build resilience through diversification tactics, maximise  resources and design out waste. 

  • Integrated Landscape Management

From maintaining ecosystems services to balancing the diverse demands on natural resources, we take the approach of integrated landscape management to find common ground between sectors, rights, stakes and objectives, fostering adaptive management and shared learning.

Our Work

Sustainable Land Use’s work ranges from European-wide programmes to accelerate climate-smart agricultural technologies to start-ups that enhance the productivity of forests. 

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture Booster 

Climate-Smart Agricultural Booster brings together researchers, practitioners and experts to accelerate technologies and approaches that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support adaptation, while at the same time, enhancing yields. Find out more about the CSA Booster programme here. 

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The Sustainable Land Use Team

Daniel Zimmer
Interim Theme Director Sustainable Land Use


Katherine Foster
Business Development Lead Sustainable Land Use


Joanna Montesinos
Business Analyst Sustainable Land Use