Decision Metrics and Finance

There is no lack of finance but a lack of bankable green assets.  Climate-KIC’s Decision Metrics and Finance team work with our network of 200+ partners to develop the metrics and financial mechanisms to redirect and mobilise the finance needed to quickly scale up climate action. We provide a platform for all sectors, from public and private financial players, to policy makers and governments to unlock finance through innovation.

What We Do

  • We provide seed funding for pioneering projects and promising start-ups

  • We co-develop and grow leading innovation programmes  

  • We bring together key actors to create alliances and thought leadership

  • We inform and educate decision makers to unlock climate finance

Our Priority Areas

1) Transforming financial markets and standards using innovations that redirect financial market flows to climate-friendly and resilient assets.

2) Developing a global market for climate risk information focusing on how physical can be assessed, reduced, and transferred in novel ways. 

Our flagship programme, Climate Risk Information (CRI), is a collection of modelling and risk analytics tools which help public and private stakeholders manage physical risk, reduce uncertainty and enable resilience-building decisions. CRI aims to demonstrate the value of using climate risk data and models in end-user investment, insurance or planning decisions and thereby create confidence and growth in the market. At the core of CRI is Oasis open-source loss modelling framework (Oasis LMF), which allows users to feed in a range of hazard, exposure and vulnerability data. Oasis LMF is backed by an insurance industry-led consortium, which values transparency, increasing access and use of available data and models.

3) Unlocking climate finance for cities to ensure low carbon and resilient urban development.

Climate-KIC’s flagship programme, Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL), is a global innovation hub that aims to unlock finance for cities. The programme provides cities and investors with training, project preparation, financial and impact assessment tools and services. Find out more here

4) Mobilising finance for sustainable land use to address both mitigation and adaptation land use challenges.

Meet the Decision Metrics and Finance Team 

Dr. Malte Schneider, Theme Director open

 Malte is the Decision Metrics & Finance Director at Climate-KIC, and is responsible for working with our partners and collaborators on developing and integrating novel metrics, finance and decision-making mechanisms that accelerate and scale up climate action.   

Malte has helped build Climate-KIC from the start – his previous roles were Director of Climate-KIC North-East (Germany and Poland), among others responsible for building a very successful start-up accelerator, and as Deputy Director Innovation, responsible for the co-development of Climate-KIC’s project portfolio. 

Malte holds a PhD from ETH Zurich in climate policy, innovation and economics, and has a MSc in mechanical engineering, with a focus on sustainable energy and control systems,  from ETH Zurich. Before his time at Climate-KIC, Malte built a research group at ETH Zurich and has worked  and consulted extensively on the innovation effects of climate and energy policy, mainly in the private sector, to derive recommendations for national and international policy-making and corporate strategy. Global emission trading markets and investment flows always figured prominently in his work.  

Contact Malte to discuss Decision Metrics and Finance strategy, engagement and collaboration opportunities. 

Rachael Holmes, Business Analyst open

Rachael is the Business Analyst for Decision Metrics & Finance at Climate-KIC, and is the go to person for our advisory group, knowledge management, and performance reporting. Rachael also co-ordinates a work package in the H2020 project MARCO (Market Research for a Climate services Observatory) – the project will assess and validate the EU market of climate services.  

Rachael has previously worked for the Education Team at Climate-KIC, and holds a MSc in Remote Sensing. Prior to working for the Climate-KIC, Rachael worked in Financial Services for American Express.  

Contact Rachael on topics related to climate services, earth observation/ remote sensing, climate metrics, and monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions (MRV).  

Twitter: @RH_ClimateKIC 

Riyong Kim Bakkegaard, Portfolio Manager open

Riyong is the Portfolio Manager for Decision Metrics & Finance at Climate-KIC, and is the go to person on projects and synergies across the portfolio, between partners and with other CKIC themes. Riyong is helping drive the portfolio to impact, by extracting value and building knowledge assets from projects that can be used to scale up climate solutions and bring value to the innovation community.   

Riyong worked with FAO, World Bank, IUCN and Center for International Forestry Research in metrics and methods development for forests and REDD+, climate change and sustainable development.  At UNEP DTU, she managed climate change adaptation and mitigation projects aimed at developing innovative models of sustainable financing from the private sector, as well as contributed to UNEP Reports and the development of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions for several countries. Her in-country work experience spans Brazil, DRC, Indonesia, and East Timor, among others, and she brings experience in qualitative and quantitative research, capacity building and international development.   

Contact Riyong regarding the DMF portfolio and project application. Additionally, talk to her on topics related to sustainable land use, forests and climate change mitigation, climate finance, and adaptation.

Victor Gancel, LoCaL programme Manager open

Victor is the Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL) Program Manager, a Climate-KIC flagship programme aiming at unlocking climate finance for cities. LoCaL provides cities and investors with training, project preparation, investment mechanisms and impact assessment tools. 

Prior to working for the Climate-KIC, Victor worked as an innovation officer within the Airbus Group, developing innovative environmental monitoring services (ground and satellite based). Additionally, he has experience in community forestry projects in Senegal, and in energy efficiency certificates. Victor holds an Masters degree in Economics from the Université Paris Dauphine. 

Contact Victor regarding the LoCaL flagship and on topics related to cities, climate finance, development finance, monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emission (MRV).  

Jaclyn Asuncion, Business Development Lead open

Jaclyn (Jax) is the Business Development Lead for Decision Metrics and Finance at Climate-KIC. She is responsible for the team’s business development strategy, which includes partnership engagement and service development. She is the team’s point person for strategic outreach, including events and communications. Additionally, Jaclyn is responsible for DMF sessions at the Climate Innovation Summit. 

Prior to joining Climate-KIC, Jax was Operations Director at Global Sustainable Capital Management, UK, a sustainable agriculture investment start-up. Before that, she was an operations and finance consultant to start-ups and SMEs. She was formerly an Associate Director and Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum, where she produced the official economics and finance programmes for Davos. She conducted treasury and international affairs operations at the Central Bank of the Philippines.  

Jax holds a BSc in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, an MBA from INSEAD, and an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.  

Reach out to Jax as a sounding board for strategy, finance and accounting, business and financial models, risk management, information visualisation, and  interaction design. 

Twitter: @SFTBoox

Kenza Himmi, Team Assistant open

Kenza is Team Assistant for Decision Metrics & Finance at Climate-KIC, with responsibility for portfolio and process management support.  In addition, Kenza is responsible for DMF communications and provides support on the H2020 MARCO project.  

Kenza has a BSc Business Studies from Cass Business School and has previous experience working for international development organisations: UNCEF UK and Relief International, in finance and project support.  

Contact Kenza if you have questions regarding the process management of the theme’s project calls or if you have a general enquiry for the DMF theme.  

Skylar Bee, LoCaL Project Management Officer open

Skylar is the Project Management Officer for the Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL), a Climate-KIC flagship programme aiming at unlocking climate finance for cities.  

Prior to joining Climate-KIC, Skylar worked for the UNEP DTU Partnership as an editor and contributor to the flagship UNEP Adaptation Gap Report, as well as a contributor to the 2015 Emissions Gap Report. She also worked as a project manager for the Adaptation Mitigation Readiness (ADMIRE) project, focusing on private sector engagement and investment in climate change adaptation. Skylar has experience working for the UN World Food Programme on piloting weather index insurance for increased resilience in Ethiopia. Originally from the United States, Skylar’s in-country work experience spans New Zealand, Vietnam, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and South Africa, among others. Skylar received her MSc in Agricultural Development from Copenhagen University. 

These days you can find Skylar in the Copenhagen Climate-KIC office, where she will be happy to support you in all things related to the LoCaL flagship and on topics related to cities, climate finance, development finance, and resilience in cities.  

Julia Rawlins, Education Lead open

Julia is the Education Lead Germany at Climate-KIC, with responsibility for Climate-KIC’s education portfolio in Germany which spans graduate, professional and online programmes. 

Julia has worked at the intersection of climate change, entrepreneurship, education and international relations for 12 years, mainly at the British Council. She has experience with public and private sector partners in Europe and South Asia on topics such as Skills / Employability, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Reporting. 

Contact Julia to discuss education and capacity building specifically at the interface with Decision Metrics & Finance. 

Suvi Peltoniemi, CRI Project Management Officer open

Suvi’s role in Climate-KIC is divided between being a Project Management Officer for the Climate Risk Information Flagship Programme and a Coordinator of the Climate-KIC Adaptation Working Group.

Prior to joining Climate-KIC, Suvi has worked mainly with training, capacity building and disaster preparedness issues at international organizations.

You can find Suvi in the Swiss Climate-KIC office where she is happy to support you with questions related to training, sustainability and international development.  

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