Masterclass: CustomerCentric Selling with Mathieu Broens

21 Jun 2017

This two-and-a-half day Masterclass teaches the core CCS concepts, using skill-based exercises and a case study.

CustomerCentric Selling® helps companies define and implement their organizational sales process, from market awareness to sales techniques to sales improvement and ultimately, sales success. Sales success can be achieved through a top-down company commitment to defining a repeatable, scalable sales process.

CCS helps you level the playing field so you can reach clients when they are ready to buy and create a superior customer experience.

This Climate-KIC Masterclass is open to all Climate-KIC Acceleration programme start-ups and alumni.

The Masterclass will focus on gearing participants with the basics―and beyond―of strategic budgeting and negotiation to assessing and developing the skills of your sales force, you’ll learn how to make sure that each step your business takes is the right one.

Learning outcomes

The course learning outcomes include some of the following:

  • Define the 3 phases of the buying cycle and how they are relevant to your efforts
  • Creating a Targeted Conversation List
  • Ask Environmental Questions to pre-qualify a buyer and align with their vision
  • Create vision using the Solution Development Prompter
  • Ask for and gain access to Key Players
  • Execute five different competitive strategies
  • Conduct an Opportunity Qualification Meeting
  • Use a Sequence of Events to manage a buying process
  • How to Establish success metrics


Please register individually for this Masterclass. You can register here. Upon receipt of the registration request, potential attendees will receive a Code of Conduct, which they must sign and return to confirm their registration.


Climate-KIC start-ups have free access to this Masterclass. Travel costs up to 200 euros per person will be reimbursed by Climate-KIC. All participants have to pay and arrange their own accommodation. Please note that there is a 500 euro no-show fine for this Masterclass.

For companies not following the Climate-KIC Acceleration programme, the tuition fee for this Masterclass is 950 euros per person.

Please wait with arranging your travel until you have received your official confirmation of participation per email.


The event will take place in Zurich, Switzerland. Detailed information about the venue and route description will be provided upon confirmation of your participation.


Prior to the course, participants should have established a sales pitch

The following book is also strongly recommended: “CustomerCentric Selling”, Michael Bosworth.

Mathieu Broens

Mathieu Broens is a CCS® Certified Business Partner with over two decades of experience teaching this methodology and leading in Sales Management. CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®), a proven methodology for improving revenue growth and sales performance.

CustomerCentric Selling® (CCS®) delivers world-class sales training through a suite of sales training workshops around the globe to provide sales organizations with the selling skills and tools necessary to win in a highly competitive marketplace. The heart of CustomerCentric Selling® lies within the buyer-driven sales process that guides the sell cycle so salespeople can be more effective and close more deals. Mathieu brings with him six skilled trainers to help lead and direct this Masterclass.

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