EIT Climate-KIC days in Slovenia – “Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions”

Grand Hotel Primus, Pot v Toplice 9, Ptuj, Slovenia
June 14, 2021, from 10:00 to 13:30 CEST

“Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions” event on June 14 is a part of EIT Climate-KIC days in Slovenia. 

During this event, the invited experts will define the concept of nature-based solutions, sustainable solutions and green infrastructure, and also present developments in this area in the context of the new Financial Perspectives and also share interesting examples from the field. The event will be attended by the EIT Climate-KIC Slovenian HUB, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, representatives of the Institute for Nature Protection, representatives of the LIFE program in Slovenia, and experts from the field of biodiversity.

The invited experts will answer the following questions: 

  • What challenges do we face in Slovenia in the field of biodiversity and green infrastructure?
  • Do we consider sustainable solutions as a realistic alternative to traditional solutions?
  • What do the new EU policies and funding mechanisms bring?
  • What solutions are being implemented by different actors in Slovenia today and do we have mechanisms for their wider use?


10:00 – 11:50

  • Introductory speech and a presentation of EIT Climate KIC in Slovenia


  • Nature-based solutions presentation – Tadej Žurman, Deltaplan, d.o.o.
  • The state of biodiversity in Slovenia and green infrastructure – Martina Kačičnik Jančar, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Protection
  • Biodiversity conservation through cohesion projects – Tomislav Laktić, Cohesion Sector, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
  • LIFE program in Slovenia – field Nature and Biodiversity – mag. Julijana Lebez Lozej, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning



12:00 – 13:30 

Examples from practice:

  • oLIVEDRAVA & establishment of nature reserves Iški morost, Škocjanski zatok, Ormož lagoons – dr. Damijan Denac, Society for the Observation and Study of Birds of Slovenia
  • LIFE to Grasslands – dr. Nika Debeljak, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Protection
  • EIP VIVEK – Development of targeted measures for biodiversity conservation on lowland farms in Slovenia – Tanja Šumrada, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty
  • zaDravo – dr. Štefan Čelan, ZRS Bistra Ptuj
  • UPSURGE – mag. Darko Ferčej, eInstitute
  • Communication – the key to protecting biodiversity – dr. Alenka Žunič Kosi, National Institute of Biology


EIT Climate-KIC sees the introduction of climate-smart agriculture and climate-resilient forests as key challenges in Slovenia. Biodiversity conservation is often misinterpreted as a side issue related only to the protection of endangered species, and its crucial role in combating climate change is often overlooked. The higher the level of biodiversity, the greater the ecosystem’s resilience to the negative impacts of climate change, as higher levels of biodiversity also mean a greater “supply” of ecosystem services that play an important role in tackling global warming (temperature regulation; water flow; green spaces that cool the surface; soil stabilisation, carbon storage, etc.). This concept of “biodiversity mitigation” is one of the key solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Biodiversity conservation and restoration is a long-term investment in a functional environment that is resilient to and mitigates climate change.


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