Industry emissions account for 30 per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.

These stem mainly from materials processing in the metals and chemicals sector, where demand in the automobile, household appliances, consumer electronics and packaging sectors is highest.

Climate-KIC’s Sustainable Production Systems theme is building a new foundation for Europe’s industry, fostering innovation that decouples economic growth from unsustainable resource use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our vision is to achieve zero-carbon emissions from materials and industrial processes, supporting cities and regions in their transition towards carbon-neutral societies. Working together with a variety of partners, from businesses to academia, we aim to achieve the following impacts by 2030:

  • Catalyse a switch to a circular economy and transform production for high-emitting materials.
  • Partner with key industry stakeholders in cutting value chain emissions.
  • Transition carbon-intensive regions to become zero-carbon innovation hotspots.

We develop and champion climate-friendly and economically viable circular models of manufacturing that will deliver a carbon-neutral European economy by seed-funding high-impact climate solutions, facilitating open innovation through multi-stakeholder and cross-industry collaboration, and supporting technological and business model innovation in regional eco-clusters and value chains.


Sustainable Production Systems
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