The circular innovation platform


Loop is a unique global innovation platform on circular economy, that aims to close the loop on high-emitting material systems, and dematerialise demand in urban areas. The programme specifically focuses on metals, plastics, cement and bio-materials.

We believe the circular economy holds the potential to transform the societies of tomorrow. Loop accelerates systemic innovation on a variety of fronts: we bring on board not only city governments, but the regions they are in. The businesses that operate there. The knowledge from their universities. And the commitment of their citizens.

Our network scales-up high-impact, circular solutions through start-up acceleration, education, and innovation research & development programmes.

Our circular economy offer


Our entrepreneurship programmes identify, support and invest in entrepreneurs through every stage of innovation, helping them achieve success and commercial scale. To date, Climate-KIC has supported over 80 circular economy start-ups.

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Our circular economy innovation programmes facilitate knowledge exchange and technology transfer to help your business or sector maximise its potential to become a market leader.

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With a focus on real-life challenges and learning by doing, EIT Climate-KIC’s circular economy online learning, and professional development and graduate school programmes are the most transformative of their kind.

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Alberto Bellini, Project Coordinator for eCircular "We are now moving to a new paradigm: natural systems are circular by definition, so too, must human activity be circular."

Project highlights


The eCircular Flagship programme accelerates the circularity of plastic-based material systems and dematerialisation of plastic demand.

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Circular iQ

Start-up that has developed an IT solution that makes circular purchasing accessible and simple. This will particular support challenges faced in sustainable public procurement.

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Be Circle

Be Circle is a digital platform that identifies synergies for eco-industrial parks to optimise relationships between facilities and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

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Façade Leasing

Façade Leasing proposes an innovative business model for the implementation of Circular Economies in the construction industry.

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Total Recycle Decommissioning

Total Recycle Decommissioning (TRD) examines commercial incentives to maximise the ratio of recycled materials from ships.

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SCALER supports the journey towards efficient and quick implementation of industrial symbiosis in the European process industry.

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Insights from our circular economy start-ups

Our reports on circular economy

Digitalisation - unlocking the potential of the circular economy

This study interviewed 14 EIT Climate-KIC start-ups and innovation projects to learn more about the benefits of adopting circularity, and to better understand the challenges that hinder its uptake.

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The Circular economy - A powerful force for climate mitigation

This report explores a broad range of opportunities for the four largest materials in terms of emissions (steel, plastics, aluminium, and cement) and two large use segments for these materials (passenger cars and buildings).

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Accelerating the Transition to Sustainable Production Systems

This series of ten insight documents, written by renowned climate innovation experts, reveals the strategies, approaches and challenges to developing and adopting circular business models.

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Enabling Circular Solutions for Climate Innovations

Market research and recommendations for implementing a circular economy training programme.

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EU Long Term GHG Emissions Reduction Strategy

EIT Climate-KIC position paper setting out increased ambition and a systemic approach to greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

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