Pioneering the global transition to climate-smart agriculture

Climate change is a major threat multiplier for global food security, impacting agricultural productivity and the stability of food production.

However, while agriculture contributes around 14 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, agriculture and food are also key industry sectors that can reduce and remove meaningful amounts of global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Europe is one of the world’s largest food producing blocs. European farmers, foresters, food producers and retailers all have a vital role to play in fostering the innovation needed to deliver global food security, energy security, a low-carbon economy and global sustainable development goals.

We support new approaches that decarbonise agriculture, making it more efficient and productive. Climate-KIC is Europe’s knowledge and innovation hub for climate-smart agriculture, harnessing digital advances, promoting new techniques and business models while supporting the necessary finance networks and flows to make change possible. 

We foster innovation in the bio-economy that builds resilience into global food and forest value chains.


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