Façade Leasing

Integrated Facades as a Product-Service System

An initiative of TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture, in collaboration with a large industry consortium, proposes an innovative business model for the implementation of Circular Economies in the construction industry. 

The Façade Leasing Pathfinder project aims to replace the current, linear contracting method based on the sale of technological products, with a circular model based on the long-term delivery of performance services.

By re-balancing the distribution of technical knowledge and economic incentives across the façade supply chain we intend to accelerate product innovation and integration, limit the use of raw materials, and encourage reuse and recycling practices. Façade leasing can also drastically increase the rate of energy-efficient building renovations by dropping their initial investment requirements, optimizing stakeholder returns, and spreading risks.

With the active participation of a broad consortium of European SME’s, and the development of a pilot project at TU Delft’s campus, the project will showcase the range of services facilitated by state-of-the-art multifunctional façade systems. It will then propose a new business model for the faster implementation of these technologies, for the benefit of building users, the construction industry, and the planet.

Façade Leasing (IFPSS)
Project Type

Pathfinder – explores relevant climate arenas to identify and prioritise innovation opportunities

Lead Partner

TU Delft Faculty of Architecture 

Project Partners

VMRG / AluEco
De Haan Westerhoff
Trox Technik
Scheuten Glas
VML Technologies
MHZ Hachel
Circular Housing

Project Manager

Ir. Juan F. Azcarate-Aguerre

Project Location

TU Delft campus
the Netherlands

Project Start Date
March 2015

Urban Transitions