Become an innovator!

Tackle climate change through organisational change and system innovation

This eight-day programme for experienced professionals offers the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge and to develop innovative solutions to climate change issues.

Climate-KIC promotes transformative innovation to address the challenge of climate change. Fundamental to this mission are people with the ability to enable organisations, both private and public, to lead a transformation of our socio technical systems.

Who is it for?

Aimed at experienced professionals with the enthusiasm and potential for influencing organisational change and system innovation, the programme offers the key competencies and capabilities.

What is it about? 

The idea is to make transition happen at local scale through enhancing and accelerating individual transition projects and ventures of participants. Further, through the Innovator Catalyst, a network of system innovators for sharing experiences and best practices in the area of climate change is created.

The Innovator Catalyst is international, stimulating and practitioner oriented. Instead of merely focusing on the provision of theoretical knowledge, the programme highlights the development of practical skills, cross-disciplinary thinking and action, as well as the application of methods and tools to own case studies.


budapest-smallTopic: Boosting Sustainable Economy in Rural Areas
Date: 17 October – 25 October 2015

Become an innovator and address the challenges of climate smart economic development of rural areas. The programme will focus on challenges faced in irrigation, smart agriculture, precision farming, circular economy and supply chain. Boost sustainable economy in rural areas and make transition happen in your own environment through enhancing and accelerating your projects in the area of sustainable rural development.

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birmingham-smallTopic: Decarbonising Buildings
Date: 18 November-25 November 2015

Join the intensive eight-day fully coached programme aimed to tackle the complex issue of decarbonising buildings. Overcome the challenges that building professionals face when constructing low-carbon buildings or providing low-carbon products and services to the market. The idea is to make transition happen at local scale through enhancing and accelerating your individual transition projects and ventures.

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Topic: Sustainable Mobility tour
Date: 20 November-27 November 2015shutterstock_121762360

Take part in this eight-day training experience with international transition experts to work on Business models for low carbon urban mobility projects. Join the ‘Sustainable Mobility Tour’ based on experiential and in-depth learning experiences. Acquire skills and competencies to overcome systemic barriers to sustainable mobility in own projects and beyond.


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Join Innovator Catalyst and:

  • Gain access to an international, cross-disciplinary network of climate change ambassadors
  • Meet other professionals facing similar challenges & get exposed to a broad variety of perspectives
  • Gain a better understanding of current issues, develop solutions and methods of collaboration
  • Learn about tools and develop skills to facilitate system change
  • Generate tangible outcomes, such as improved working plans or ideas for new initiatives

Who can participate?

This programme is for experienced professionals with the enthusiasm to influence organisational change and system innovation.

It targets ‘system innovators’ with at least 5 years of working experience in the field of sustainability or systemic low carbon projects.

Participants should have a broad and transdisciplinary orientation, as well as being influential and capable of activating networks and partners. Each edition will have 30 international participants from positions in different sorts of organisations.

Successful candidates will have:

  • a commitment or drive to achieve a low carbon society and the courage to change
  • concrete change objectives that they are working on –  in order to be able to contribute relevant knowledge and experiences to the group of participants
  • the (potential) position, and a relevant network, to make a difference in low carbon innovation
  • an interest in transdisciplinary thinking and understanding

The objectives of the course are:

  • To acquire have new and improved skills, applied knowledge and tools to facilitate low-carbon innovation processes and systemic changes
  • To experience and understand different perspectives and roles and develop transdisciplinary capabilities
  • To be better prepared to exploit opportunities to access funding for transition projects, e.g. European structural funds, Horizon 2020, national programmes and private funding
  • To have improved or newly developed concrete working plans and initiatives for own projects and initiatives
  • To share and acquire information on good practices to make transitions happen
  • To establish connections and an entry to the scene for international network collaboration between dedicated people who can make a change for a low carbon society.


Students of  Innovator Catalyst 2014 share some of their experiences


“Innovator Catalyst gave me a big experience in different fields – in communication, in interaction with other professionals and mentors. It was great to see and feel how horizontal network are constructed and I think that the soft skills are very important for the modern communities. Thank you all organisers for giving me the chance to be part of Innovator Catalyst – it was really a big inspiration for me.”  Mira, Marketing Specialist and PhD Student, Bulgaria


“The interactive learning environment was stimulating and the social interaction really helped us understand everyone’s regional water problems whatever the educational background as we were a mixture of PhD students, lecturers, entrepreneurs and government affiliates.” Janet, Environmental Journalist and Researcher, UK


“Innovator Catalyst was a one stop shop – it imparted knowledge on the status-quo of issues in the water world and the advances in science up taking these challenges, it polished our soft skills and made sure we had some fun while doing this! It was an activity packed 8 days – definitely a ‘no miss’ if you want to learn, play and connect with the water world.” Abdulla, Business Developer, Saudi Arabia


“The course was really thought provoking and inspiring, I will change my approach by understanding behaviour change issues.  The Innovator Catalyst has truly lived up to its name.” Tom Robinson , start-up enterprise, UK


“I really enjoyed the event, the shared experience of different cultures and ways of doing things and the different challenges faced in different countries.  My focus and future has been influenced in a positive way.  I will refocus our business in climate issues.”  Frank Caul, SME, Ireland


This Video offers you an impression of Climate-KIC’s 2014 Innovator Catalyst Edition “Green Skills for Boosting Transitions on Water Management” held in Valencia, Spain



The full course fee is €2000 and covers:

  • All programme activities
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • Approximately two group evening dinners

Participants will need to cover their own travel costs to/from the location, as well as accommodation. Discounts can apply to participants from NGOs, public authorities and start-ups. 

It also makes sense to apply as soon as possible in order to take advantage of a 20 per cent early bird discount. You will receive an invoice after the confirmation of acceptance. Course fees need to be paid three weeks before the start of the programme.