Seven promising French start-ups join the Climate-KIC Accelerator

The Climate-KIC France Accelerator Programme has selected in September seven start-ups out of eighteen candidates.

Etienne Claereboudt, Entrepreneurship Manager, comments: “During the event, held in the Agoranov incubator premises, juries have expressed their satisfaction to have to evaluate presentations of quality and very good pitches. The selection of the seven start-ups was done on a general consensus. Very promising, these start-ups also have a large potential for fruitful collaboration within the Climate-KIC network.”


The start-ups who will be integrated in the Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme this fall are:


Formerly in the Greenhouse pre-incubation programme, this start-up won an award at the Paris 2016 French Tech Ticket, for its innovative solution.

Cophenol works on the valuation of agricultural and forestry waste via pyrolysis. With this process, the biomass is converted into three products: biochar, organic oil, and gas. The first product will be converted into electricity, the second has the agronomic properties including improved soil productivity, and the third is used as an alternative to petroleum products, in this case as glue for wood.      


Mutum is a participatory platform connecting people in order for them to share objects and services with each other. mutualizes the objects online in order to allow everyone to lend objects they use once or twice a year and to borrow something they need on a short term period. Through the exchanges, Mutum helps strengthening social ties within their neighborhood, and puts the focus on optimizing the use of the objects people already own.


Tenavia offers tools for adaptation to climate change. This start-up is developing a set of solutions based on environmental data from a combination of technologies to monitor, measure and anticipate the consequences of extreme events: overflow of rivers, snow avalanches, etc.

Cycle Farms

Cycle Farms biorefinery turns biowaste into insect protein and complete pellets, with a high-quality protein for animal feed. It is an efficient bioconversion process and an innovative solution for delivering farmers the protein they need sustainably. The bioconversion process doesn’t only produce high quality protein, but also a rich compost, with which we encourage climate smart agriculture throughout the complete value chain.

Earth Cube

EarthCube is offering nanosatellite-based surveillance solutions for industrial assets or the environment to customers requiring monitoring of large areas to detect rapid evolution of very localized events.


Newcy is the first turnkey solution that allows to replace disposable cups by reusable cups directly in vending machines. Once the coffee has been drunk, instead of throwing it in the trash, it can be put it in a collector. Then, the cup is collected, washed and put back, clean, in the vending machine. 4.7 billion disposable cups are thrown away every year in France, that represents 38,000 tons of waste. Only 1% of these cups is recycled.

Gazelle Tech 

Based on the observation that 75% of energy consumption of a vehicle is related to its weight, Gazelle Tech fully patented chassis Aerocell tech composite materials. The vehicles consume two times less energy, while maintaining comfort and safety of modern vehicles. These vehicles can be assembled locally in micro mills.

Climate-KIC Accelerator 

These start-ups will be supported in their development towards their first customers during one year. They will benefit from coaching, consulting, networking and financial support. Through this selection, the four Climate-KIC operational themes are addressed, illustrated by ambitious solutions for both climate mitigation and adaptation.
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