Four Climate-KIC entrepreneurs on Forbes’ 30-under-30 list

Four of Climate-KIC´s social entrepreneurs with projects contributing to building a zero carbon society were featured in Forbes’ 30-under-30 Europe list.

Earlier this year American business magazine Forbes revealed its annual 30 Under 30 Europe list that introduces 300 of the top young leaders, creative inventors and brash entrepreneurs in 10 different sectors.

This year four Climate-KIC entrepreneurs entered the ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ list for people who are leveraging business tools to solve the world’s problems.

Transformative new innovations

Angela Howarth, Head of Communications, Climate-KIC
Angela Howarth, Head of Communications, Climate-KIC

“Climate-KIC generates transformative new innovations and business models, and our European entrepreneurship programme is the catalyst for bringing them into fruition,” comments Angela Howarth, European Head of Communications at Climate-KIC.

“We do this not only by bringing together different stakeholders but also by giving young talents the opportunity to create new cutting-edge solutions to contribute to a zero carbon society,” Howarth says.

Meet Govinda, Arno, Dénes and Clementine 

Govinda Upadhyay


Govinda Upadhyay, 27, is founder of LEDSafari and brings solar-powered light to local schools, NGOs and governments in India and Africa.

Arno Zimmerman


Arno Zimmerman, 28, has developed solar-powered refrigerators with his business Coolar that are ideal for cooling vaccines.

Dénes Honus


Dénes Honus, 29, is the co-founder of Green City Solutions and developed a ‘CityTree’ structure that helps clean air pollution in cities. 

Clementine Chambon


Clementine Chambon, 23, is piloting a project that originated from her time in the Climate-KIC summer school and aims to provide rural communities with electricity and biochar from farming waste.