Nordic leadership in cleantech and sustainable business practices 

Climate-KIC Nordic is located in one of the most innovative regions of the world, especially within clean, green and sustainable technologies. Ambitious governments are matched by world class scientific community and a rising entrepreneurial scene. 

DTU Campus, Lyngby

The Nordic countries are consistently near or at the top in comparisons of international innovation and business competitiveness.

Our Nordic office provides Climate-KIC’s community with innovative and imaginative solutions to climate change via a dynamic triple helix alliance of Nordic partners from academia, industry and the public sector.

Climate-KIC Nordic’s offices are situated on the Lyngby campus of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), 15km north of Copenhagen. DTU’s Lyngby campus is dedicated to offering unique research facilities in beautiful and functional settings.


The partners of Climate-KIC’s Nordic centre include three industrial partners, each world-class within their branch, eight top-performing universities, seven municipalities, one regional council and two SMEs.

Key city partners are Trondheim in Norway, Malmö and Gothenburg in Sweden, the Helsinki Uusimaa Region in Finland and in Denmark Aarhus, Vejle and Copenhagen, which has a stated ambition to be the first carbon-neutral capital in the world. 

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