An innovation catalyst.

Climate-KIC Italy is the Italian branch of the biggest  European community to realise climate and economic impact by accelerating cleantech start-ups, developing innovation projects and excite students with new thinking. We aim to build and promote across the entire national territory, a  zero carbon economy through our four thematic priorities:

Across these four areas, and Education, our mission is to catalyse innovation and take solutions to market in the fastest and most effective way, to combat climate change.

We are based in Bologna, the city capital of Emilia-Romagna.

Be part of our community

Through our vital community we foster Knowledge Triangle Integration . Our national community includes public bodies and public agencies , companies and research centres as well as students, alumni and start-ups. We work together on great innovation and education programmes dealing mainly with new technologies for smart land use, urban systems, new financial instruments and enhancement of organic waste.

We invite other organisations to be also part of our community. If you would like to receive more information of Climate-KIC Italy and how we work please contact us.

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