Join a 2017 City Challenge in Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh or London to propose and develop solutions to climate change challenges. Let's build this zero-carbon economy!


Climate-KIC City Challenges are demand-led, open innovation challenges that match demand for low-carbon or adaptation solutions with new ideas from start-ups, research groups and innovators. These Challenges help cities solve urgent real-world problems, develop markets for new ideas, and help to find and scale up the best solutions, quickly. Winning solutions are awarded a cash prize, and the chance to deploy their solutions.

This year, our Challenge partner in the West Midlands is Energy Capital, a climate innovation cluster catalysed by Climate-KIC. In London we are working with London Legacy Development Corporation, University of the Arts London, UK Fashion and Textiles Association, LWARB and Greater London Authority. Our Dublin Challenge will be run by Sustainable Nation, and in Edinburgh we're working with ECCI, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

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Energy Capital Innovation Challenge

Energy Capital is a cluster initiative that aims to make the West Midlands one of the most attractive locations in the world to build companies capable of driving the global transition to smart, low-carbon energy. This competition aims to bring together entrepreneurs, from across the UK and beyond, who have innovative and visionary solutions to a regional challenge.

The Challenge: The world is moving towards a transactive energy model, where renewable and distributed energy generators will meet flexible customers. We’re looking for innovations to engage customers and users as active participants in the West Midlands regional energy system.

Prize: Two winners, €10,000 each

Deadline for applications: 31st October 2017


Leave your email address here to be alerted when the Challenge is announced.


Leave your email address here to be alerted when the Challenge is announced.


London Innovation Challenge

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions. Circular fashion – incorporating circular economy principles into the way clothes are designed, the materials they derive from, how they are made and then used – presents an opportunity to reduce this impact for good.

The Challenge: We’re looking to invest in two innovative ideas that have potential to transform London’s fashion industry and make it more sustainable.

Prize: Two winners, €10,000 each

Deadline for applications: 20th November 2017


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About Climate KIC UK & Ireland: We accelerate climate innovation in the UK and Ireland and act as a bridge into Climate-KIC’s pan-European network. Our focus is on developing climate innovation clusters in four key city-regions – London, Birmingham, Dublin and Edinburgh – around local strengths the new climate economy.


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