About the Partnership

What is the Systems Innovation Learning Partnership?


EIT Climate-KIC is excited to be partnering with the Swedish International Development Agency and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on an ongoing systems innovation learning partnership. Our three organisations have recognised that business as usual will not be enough to address the complex environmental and societal challenges we face – we need rapid transformation and radically new approaches.

Scaling climate impact through organisation peer-learning

The partnership aims to foster a community of practitioners within our organisations and beyond, that will learn together, building the mindsets, skills, tools and capabilities to make lasting, systemic change in all areas that we work in. This organisational peer-learning approach will enable rapid growth and iteration, providing a safe-to-fail space to experiment with new systems innovation practices and methods, a community with which to reflect on our work, and opportunities to draw on others’ expertise in applying systems innovation theory to real cases and projects. By reflecting on and practicing systems innovation together with Sida and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we aim to accelerate learning about what works and what doesn’t, and to develop actionable insights that will enable our three organisations’ to make transformative change on the ground.

We are kicking off the new partnership with a Systems Innovation Learning Festival, in which partners and colleagues of our organisations will come together on 29 November – 1 December to explore together around systems innovation concepts and approaches. This collective learning experience will be about the fundamentals of systems innovation, and we will hear from systems innovation practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. Targeted at all levels of systems practice, we hope to spark inspiration, excitement and a deeper understanding of how to use systems innovation mindsets and tools in our individual projects.

Some of the sessions will be open to the public – if you would like to know more or if you’d like to attend, please contact us via email.


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