EIT Climate-KIC’s Network of Climate Coaches provides an excellent opportunity for trainers and coaches to meet, share with and learn from peers about the latest training approaches around climate change, climate-friendly entrepreneurship, and systems innovation.

Introduction to the Network

Our vision and mission

To be a community of change-makers leading the way in building capacity for climate action and to inspire a world of climate warriors driving radical change through systems innovation for a net zero-carbon circular economy.

Our identity

We are the Climate Coaches, and we are a community of change-makers. We are on a mission to empower people to tackle the climate crisis by providing capacity building services to apply systems innovation.

Climate change affects all 7.5 billion people’s lives and the broader ecosystem on our planet. According to science, people of all ages and walks of life are affected by climate change. Millions of homes – including booming urban populations – around the world, are at risk. The time to act is now!

Our community

Our more than 180 members (and growing) are passionate about rescuing our planet. Our members are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, innovative, and collaborative lifelong learners who are driven to make an impact – with a sense of urgency and agency to make radical change real. We are the change we are waiting for.

Our community wants to contribute to EIT Climate-KIC’s strategy, Transformation in Time, and its broader vision for a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a net zero-carbon, circular economy. The Paris Agreement guides us on our way to tackling climate change – the key global challenge of our time.

Network activities and benefits

Your community – the benefits of joining the network

The pan-European network brings together over 180 professionals with vast experience in delivering training for university students, companies, public authorities, and start-ups.

As a member of the network, you have access to an online platform to share information and ideas, to find training and coaching opportunities, as well as ‘Train the Trainer’ events.

As a member

  • you will have the opportunity to take part in cutting-edge training programmes online and offline for a reduced fee
  • you can take part in monthly ‘Coach Clubs’, a space for knowledge-sharing and co-creation
  • you can apply for opportunities to support EIT Climate-KIC’s programmes
  • you will have access to a network of equally inspired coaches to collaborate with, in and outside of EIT Climate-KIC through a platform for knowledge exchange
  • you will be invited to take part in our yearly ‘Community Event’ to learn, share, collaborate and explore opportunities within our community


How can I join the network?

We are looking for experienced coaches and/or trainers with at least one year of training and/or coaching experience, preferably in a pan-European/international context.

Please note: We are currently updating our registration process. If you are interested in becoming a Network of Climate Coaches member, please send a formless Email to climatecoaches@climate-kic.org for further instructions and support.