MEEO S.r.l. (Meteorological and Environmental Earth Observation) is a company devoted to the implementation and development of products and services related to remote sensing of the Earth-Atmosphere system. Since 2006 MEEO is a consolidated partner of the European Space Agency and in 2012 it was certified as Research Laboratory of the High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna region.

The main expertise of MEEO includes remote sensing, data processing, visualization tool implementation, ICT systems implementation for environmental monitoring and territorial management services, geospatial data elaboration and visualization, image information mining, satellite and ground data integration and visualization on maps, change detection application, multi-temporal analysis, and OGC standardization.

In the framework of national and international (ESA, FP7) projects, MEEO gained experience in managing consortium of private and public entities, including universities and research centres. MEEO provides also contributions to sensor specification and to integration activities.

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