L’Institut Valencià d’Investigacions Agràries (IVIA) is responsible for the aims of the Generalitat Valenciana (the Regional Government) to promote scientific research and technological development in the Valencian agri-food sector and integrate this contribution to the progress of agricultural science in the system of partnerships and own cooperation research activity.

Their main aims are:

  • Promote and develop research programs, own or concerted, related to the Valencian agri-food sector
  • Transfer scientific results and keep relationships with the food industry to meet their needs for R & D + I
  • Foster relationships with other institutions in the scientific community, regional, national and international
  • Promote the organization of congresses or scientific meetings on topics of interest to Valencia, related to the food industry
  • Advise on research and agricultural development to bodies that belong to the regional and National government, as well to food businesses that request it
  • Contribute to the training of research personnel in the field of their scientific purposes

For more information visit ivia.gva.es