The Valencia Institute of Buildings (Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación), IVE, is a public interest incorporated foundation constituted in 1986 and promoted by the Valencian Regional Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning.

IVE promotes competitive research, innovation, education and multilateral cross-border cooperation projects by enhancing sustainability in buildings and resilience in cities. Following a multidisciplinary approach, IVE support the regional Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning policies, and contributes to innovation of the construction sector, using a problem-solving methodology. It endorses knowledge dissemination and technology transfer by putting together the four main stakeholder groups of the innovation pyramid: R&D, public authorities, private companies and society in general.

The main topics IVE works on building and city scale are: energy efficiency, environmental planning, conservation and maintenance, urban resilience, cost control and database, sustainable development, universal accessibility, ageing and diversity, gender and minority perspectives, co-creation and social innovation policies.

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