Dedagroup Public Services

Dedagroup Public Services (formerly known as Sinergis) is one of the largest GeoICT Italian companies. It supports public administrations and private companies in the design, realisation and development of geographical information systems providing a wide variety of services from data management to the development of personalised applications in the field of urban planning, energy management, renewable energy potential and infrastructural networks and buildings. Dedagroup serves 350 clients at national level, of which 12 regions, 25 provinces, 3 environmental protection agencies, 10 multi-utility companies, 3 Ministries and a total of 60 municipalities in their data management.

The company’s expertise is cross-cutting with respect to several themes relevant for Climate-KIC, in particular relevant to Urban Transitions. Their close connections with regions and municipalities, and their knowledge of their data systems, provide a unique asset for setting up concrete cooperation with them, leading to the development of innovative products responding to specific needs. In general terms, all challenges tackled by the Climate-KIC connected to geolocalised data management can benefit from Dedagroup’s expertise and network.

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