Climate Strategies

Climate Strategies is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve policy in the fields of climate change, energy and sustainable development by bridging the gap between decision-makers and researchers across Europe and internationally. It has three roles:

  1. Inspirer: To identify and test with stakeholders, funders and researchers new research topics, preferably multi-disciplinary and always with potential policy leverage
  2. Convener: To find suitable and fundable topics for projects, conferences and other events where researchers and policy-makers can come together
  3. Translator: To interpret and publicly communicate research outputs so that they can be used by policy makers, business stakeholders and civil society

Climate Strategies works through its small, full-time Secretariat and its international network of Members. It measures performance in terms of the quality and quantity of its output, the extent to which that output is innovative, the likely impact of its output on policy-makers and its ability to stay solvent while doing all of the above.

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