Cleantech Region

The Dutch Stedendriehoek municipalities of Apeldoorn, Brummen, Deventer, Epe, Lochem, Voorst and Zutphen are working together with entrepreneurs, educators and researchers towards zero net energy, zero waste and sustainable society.

Cleantech creates opportunities for doing more with less. Higher productivity, more jobs and increased efficiency. With less energy use, less wasted resources and a less harmful impact on the environment. Not only does Cleantech Region invest in clean technology that contributes to a more sustainable world, it also represents the ways we can support and protect our businesses, climate, economy and innovation. It also enables us to radically reshape the ways we treat public transport and accessibility, housing and the living environment, as well as education and the job market.

Cleantech Region is committed to energy savings, harnessing residual heat and generating sustainable energy with the sun, wind, water and soil. By 2030, the Cleantech Region aims to be energy-neutral and waste-free, and any new initiative in the region is tested against their standards for achieving those aims.

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