How to make the most out of being in an EIT Climate-KIC Partner – ALL ON PARTNER LANDING PAGE LIKE LOOP PAGE

  • Intro Video of Andrew/Team n being a partner – max 1 min.
  • Calendar – monthly view contains org wide events, submission windows, partner onboarding webinars etc. Let’s partners join events/webinars– Eventbrite linked via calendar? 
  • Contribute and start conversations (20-100 word intro, an image and link to blog)
  • Network and collaborate – (link to Expative, Link to Geo contacts, intro on see calendar, map of partner spread etc (100 words) and link to blog).
  • Map of Partner spread across Europe- uses Expative tags to state how many of which partner type are where, Partner names if want, if not contact Geo.



  • Simple text on payment structure (max 150 words)
  • What is it and tell me more: Partner (max 150 words)
  • What is it and tell me more: L3P (max 150 words)
  • How to get more involved with EIT Climate-KIC as a core partner (max 150 words)
  • Video of Andrew explaining – max 1 min.
  • Infographic on what different types of partnership means.


The Admin involved with being a member: A SUB PAGE BUT THEN LIKE LOOP PAGE

  • Video of Andrew the timeline– max 2 min.
  • Information about Submission including timeline. Links to Templates in Policy Page. (max 150 words)
  • ‘Calendar’ of the year – more an infographic than a calendar -it’s an overview.
  • Information about making any changes; legal or not (max 150 words)
  • Information about Termination (max 150 words)
  • Know your Geo and key contacts and innovation area contacts. Contact list and why contact.
  • Brexit latestShort Text. Link to policy (max 150 words)
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