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Marketplace is a service provided by Climate-KIC Holding B.V., a limited liability company (registered in the Netherlands with company no. 63299658) with a registered address at Padualaan 8, 3584CH Utrecht, the Netherlands (Climate-KIC).

Wherever these terms and conditions request you to contact us, or for any enquiries, you may do so at .

Marketplace is an online platform designed to facilitate communication between investors with climate-change start-ups. Marketplace is not a place to buy and sell goods or services directly, and is not intended to lead to the conclusion of consumer contracts. Start-ups using Marketplace share a common goal of reducing the impact of climate change, but are otherwise diverse in nature and unlikely to compete with each other.

These terms and conditions, together with the general terms and conditions appearing on the Marketplace website, set out the basis on which you, the Start-up, use Marketplace.

Eligibility to participate

You will be invited to participate in Marketplace. Your local lead can provide you with more information and discuss your eligibility.

The Marketplace service

We will provide you with a log-in in order for you to upload information relating to your business and the goods and services you offer (“Information”). You grant us permission to publish this information online. Information should be categorised as follows:

  • Quick facts summary
  • Description of the problem being addressed
  • How your product/service solves the identified problem
  • Amount of funding sought and acceptable minimum investment and total round size
  • Uniqueness, technology overview and barriers to competition
  • Market size and analysis – do not provide information on your own prices, discounts, terms of business, volumes or market share
  • Traction to date
  • Core team

Your Information will not be verified or proof-read and you will be responsible for ensuring its accuracy and completeness at all times before and after publication on Marketplace. We reserve the right to remove, omit or amend the Information in a non-material way. You may request us to delete, amend or supplement all or part of the Information once published, by notifying us in writing.

You should not send to us any Information which is confidential. All Information will be regarded as non-confidential once uploaded to Marketplace or otherwise received by Climate-KIC.

Climate-KIC will in its sole discretion determine the visibility of the Start-up’s Information. You will indicate on Marketplace the technology readiness level, the market categorisation and the country of the Start-up, but Climate-KIC may request that you change this information if in Climate-KIC’s opinion the information is not accurate.

You will keep your Information up-to-date and promptly correct any inaccuracy or omission. We will send you a monthly reminder to review your Information and make any changes.

Investor enquiries

Climate-KIC will not participate in any discussions between Start-ups and potential investors, therefore you should conduct such negotiations according to your own best business practices as you see fit. However, you agree that you will not engage in any discussion initiated through Marketplace which could reasonably be expected, directly or indirectly, to damage the reputation or business interests of Climate-KIC.


Climate-KIC will not charge to publish your Information on Marketplace. Should Climate-KIC in its sole discretion decide to charge a fee to Start-ups for their use of Marketplace, we will give you reasonable notice of such decision and the option to terminate your participation in Marketplace without penalty, should you not wish to accept these charges.

No warranty

Climate-KIC makes no warranties in relation to the Marketplace, including but not limited to:

  • The likelihood of securing investment,
  • The availability of the website,
  • Typographical errors, omissions or inaccuracies.


You will indemnify, defend and hold harmless, to the greatest extent possible by law, Climate-KIC against all claims and demands made by third parties arising out of your breach of the terms and conditions of use of Marketplace, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third party.

Anti-competitive behaviour

To the extent that you offer products or services which are similar to and therefore could reasonably be considered to compete with another Start-up, you may not explicitly or implicitly request or communicate commercially sensitive information, including but not limited to information about the price of products or services, or otherwise collude or engage in anti-competitive behaviour with such other Start-up.


We may terminate your participation in Marketplace immediately if you breach these terms and conditions.

You may notify us in writing that you wish to terminate your participation in Marketplace. We will remove any information relating to your products and/or services from Marketplace within 30 business days. When we remove your information from Marketplace, these terms and conditions will cease to apply, except for the obligations of confidentiality which will continue to apply after termination for as long as such information remains confidential, or would have remained confidential were it not for your disclosure of it in breach of these terms.