EIT Outreach Beyond Europe Programme

Expansion to Silicon Valley


The United States is a leader in top-class science, technology and innovation with strong links to Europe.

Collaboration with the EU have been strong since the US established various scientific and technological cooperation agreements back in 1990s, while also having been a privileged partner of many EU Member States in science, technology and innovation collaboration.

There are two main drivers behind the choice to establish the US EIT Hub in Silicon Valley. First, Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area at large are world-renown as a region with a highly innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, a high density of talented and skilled workers, and an abundance of private and institutional funding. The region is therefore very valuable for European entrepreneurs. Second, the established presence of EIT Digital since 2014 provides an excellent basis on which to build a cross-KIC presence. Experiences and learnings from the initial years of operations of the EIT Digital Silicon Valley Hub will shape the development of the cross-KIC EIT Hub Silicon Valley.

The EIT Innovation Communities involved in the cross-KIC work in this location are, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Health and EIT Raw Materials, led by EIT Digital.

The EIT Hub Silicon Valley opened on 27 March 2019 with a strong promise to continue to build our bilateral relations.


  • Eric Thelen, Director, EIT Digital Silicon Valley Hub, EIT Digital
  • Pui San Tam, Cross-KIC Events and operations organizer, EIT Hub Silicon Valley, EIT Digital
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