The EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) accelerates climate innovation across Europe. We believe that active involvement at a regional and sub-national level is key to ensuring that Europe continues to lead the way in tackling climate change. The EIT RIS operates actively in the region and continues to develop its activities in new countries. The RIS portfolio has recently been expanded by the Slovak Hub.

Slovakia joined the EIT Climate-KIC family in early 2020. The newly established Slovak EIT Climate-KIC Hub is managed by Civitta Slovakia – a consulting company with a deep interest in sustainable development and entrepreneurship. The Hub also comprises the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Bratislava Self-governing Region, the Green Foundation and GA Drilling. The Slovak Hub kicked off by identifying a collective vision of the consortium and formulating an ambitious development plan. While Slovak society and political decision-makers are already feeling the negative effects of climate change, they have not yet taken action which would be appropriate for tackling the climate emergency. The partners in the consortium, therefore, agreed to start working to raise the level of ambition on climate action without any further delay. The consortium is aiming to create a network of system-changers in Slovakia that will take actions on deep transformation into a climate-resilient country. The Hub aims to work inclusively and collaboratively to implement the best innovation and technologies to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable economy. Civitta Slovakia, with partners, intends to place the climate change challenge at the heart of all activities taken within the Hub through continuous relationship building and communication campaigns resonating with all layers of the ecosystem and society at large.

The Hub envisions three types of activities in the initial phase:

  1. Partners to build awareness of climate change and understanding of its urgency across society. Supporting awareness-raising activities.
  2. The Hub members to support the creation of sustainable regions and smart city districts, serving as concrete examples of credible transitions.
  3. The Hub will also organise specific programs and events from the EIT Climate KIC portfolio, such as the Accelerator and Climathon, to encourage the development and implementation of ideas tackling climate change in Slovakia.

The Slovak Hub will strive to boost enthusiasm for clean solutions to help deliver a climate-smart society.


Civitta Slovakia,
Ilkovičova 2,
842 16,
Bratislava, Slovakia.



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