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The Government of Slovenia has articulated its ambitious and inspiring aim to become the world’s first fully circular national economy. Our Deep Demonstration and its systemic approach will be the best way to achieve this goal by activating a coordinated portfolio of innovation actions that will tackle production and waste flows across key economic systems and selected value chains, establishing the foundations for a sustainable future and providing knowledge transfer to empower the next generation of environmental leaders.

EIT Climate-KIC is the biggest European public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation, with the objective of building a decarbonised economy. Our systems innovation model uses a balanced portfolio of interventions – across education, technology innovation, citizen engagement, policy, finance and other relevant levers of change – to catalyse fast decarbonisation; to drive climate adaptation and resilience through circular economy approaches; and to generate new markets, business models and value chains coherent with a 1.5-degree world. Deep Demonstrations are currently performed in different countries across eight categories, including circular, regenerative economy.

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The Deep Demonstration in Slovenia applies a cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary approach to work across boundaries, silos and departments, establishing partnerships with a sizable number of stakeholders, from local communities and businesses to science institutions and policy makers, and placing a key emphasis on establishing an open platform of knowledge transfer for all.

By creating a living laboratory to foster innovation, we will test and learn from our actions in real time, with the chance of creating new breakthroughs. In this model every element counts and each stakeholder can significantly contribute to the iterative development of designing innovative solutions based on existing projects and experiences of various stakeholders.

Working systemically means that we are connecting and partnering, upgrading existing programmes, redesigning, transferring knowledge, testing and iterating, and extracting learning as the foundation for all further activities. The process ensures continuous learning and iteration through practice and feedback loops, which is crucial for achieving the desired changes to transform the whole system. The implementation of the Deep Demonstration in Slovenia will take place from 2021 to 2025.

Impact Goals
50% reduction of waste per capita
10MT CO2eq reduced from industrial manufacturing
1B euros in increased investments for circular economy
10,000 new jobs created

Slovenian Centre for Smart & Circular Transition

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The core of the systemic approach of the Deep Demonstration is the integrated portfolio of activities connecting existing and new programmes, making it possible for stakeholders to collaborate, create synergies, exchange know-how and experience. The Slovenian Centre for Smart & Circular Transition will serve as the entry point for all interested groups of stakeholders, bridging the gaps between strategic plans and implementation. It will be responsible for orchestrating and managing the whole programme.

An important part of the activities will be focused on training and education with the goal of establishing a strong base of local experts to ensure continued knowledge transfer for the development of the Slovenian decarbonised economy. Expert know-how will consequently remain in the country after the circular economy transition is completed, and findings from the integrated portfolio will be available to all stakeholders.

First established as a virtual hub, a physical hub is also planned to be set up to be used as a working and learning space for knowledge exchange, with a learning laboratory and a library.

The Deep Demonstration action plan is building a pathway towards a community of environmental leaders, that will carry Slovenia into a sustainable
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The Deep Demonstration in Slovenia establishes connections between diverse stakeholders: community members, public employees, teachers, professors and students, start-ups, small businesses, major corporate players, policy makers and others. Actively including all stakeholders in the transformation process ensures that there is a shared commitment to achieve results and a shared fulfilment of goals. Alongside our aim to build a network of towns and regions, we will also engage 500 students in over 65 schools, and support 200 business projects across the country.

Explore Opportunity

Activities will be designed so that the focus is on creating opportunities for sharing learnings, experiences, results and other outcomes between stakeholders. We will hold numerous educational programmes, events and workshops to ensure access to state-of-the-art knowledge and lay the groundwork for various networking opportunities. This will ensure that knowledge is developed and retained in the local environment. Activities will be supported by the launch of calls for proposals and tenders, creating opportunities for stakeholders to upgrade existing solutions and develop new innovations.

Connect Partners beyond Slovenia

EIT Climate-KIC community model provides access to an extended network of partners well beyond Slovenia that can be leveraged for accessing various areas of expertise, international networks and cutting-edge learnings and findings on how to transition into a circular, regenerative and low-carbon economy.

Pillars, programmes and value chains

To implement the Deep Demonstration in Slovenia, 3 pillars and a total of 17 interconnected (sub)programmes have been defined – 9 falling under the 3 pillars, while the rest are horizontal and run across all the pillars. The integrated portfolio will include ongoing, established programmes, fostering cooperation between them to build systemic solutions. Calls for proposals and tenders will also take place to invite various stakeholders to submit projects and participate.

The transformation of the economy will also unfold across 6 key circular value chains: All industries, Forestry-based industries, Circular Buildings, Mobility, Manufacturing and Food.


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