EIT Climate-KIC Community Host

Permanent Contract
28 Sep 2021
Competitive for Not-for-Profit Organisation
As soon as possible
Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Austria



EIT Climate-KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) is Europe’s foremost climate innovation initiative. Our mission is to leverage the power of innovation to build a zero-carbon, climate-resilient, just, and inclusive society. Climate-KIC’s strategy, Transformation, in Time, responds to the need for a 1.5° aligned, systemic approach to reversing global warming and developing climate resilience, commensurate with the complexity, scale and requisite pace of response to the climate challenge.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Amsterdam, we orchestrate a community of more than 400 organisations comprised of large corporations and SMEs, municipal and regional governments, universities and research institutes, as well as non-governmental organisations and uncommon actors. We are an organisation of circa 160 people. We operate out of 13 hubs across Europe and conduct activities in 39 countries globally. We have historically managed €80-100 million per year in grants, provided predominantly by our founder and core funder, the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT). We are transitioning to a multi-funder model with the objective of maintaining a flow of funds of circa €100 million annually to our community and to problem owners to deliver impact.

We use a portfolio approach for developing and deploying innovation, entrepreneurship, education and community mobilisation to unlock structural change in systems where emissions are tough to reduce – cities, land-use, industry, and finance. We do so by combining activities and innovation outputs from applied research, learning and reskilling, start-up incubation, movement building and innovation ecosystem building. Over the last ten years we have supported more than 4,500 businesses, in over 50 countries, that have gone on to attract over €1.5 bln of capital and featured regularly in the Forbes 30 under 30 European list. Our education programmes have influenced the lives of over 45,000 people who have launched a movement building alumni community. In 2019, we launched Deep Demonstrations, a demand-led methodology for composing innovation portfolios across technology, policy, finance, social change, citizen engagement, and other relevant levers of change, in order to find combinations of solutions that work on the ground (in context) and test transition pathways for value chains.

Our goals for 2027 are to ensure that 200,000 people across Europe are equipped with enhanced climate-relevant innovation and entrepreneurial skills; 10 million people benefit from improved resilience to the impacts of climate change; 50 cities, countries, regions and large scale businesses across Europe are achieving net-zero as a result of partnership with EIT Climate-KIC; 500 million tons of CO2 eq. emissions have been avoided cumulatively (approx. 1/10 annual EU production) and we have succeeded in leveraging €100 bln to scale-up innovations tackling climate change. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to a paradigm shift from a linear, industrial production system to circular, regenerative models, leveraging the power of our unique community of innovators and inspiring change beyond it.


The purpose of this role is to shape and support the Climate-KIC community, mobilising it to act together for innovation excellence, for mutual value, and for positive change in the world through impact on climate change.

The absolute heart of our strategy and ultimately our ability to deliver meaningful impact on climate change, is the mobilisation of our Community and connecting with other Communities who are driving change. One of our key roles in acting as a system change agent is to provide the support, stimulus, and connectivity for these Communities and the people within them to find each other, generate transformative ideas and to take action.

For much of Climate-KIC’s history, we have predominantly had a set of relationships which existed within formal Partnership structures and often involved us being a grant funder. As we have shifted our strategy and named our role as being an orchestrator of systemic change, harnessing innovation, we have expanded the types of relationships we need to deliver on that strategy. This change in relationships is triggered by an expanding and diverse range of organisations, people, funders and businesses we work with, but critically it is also through a change in the relationships we hold with our current Partners and Community. The relationships we need are much deeper, more agile, able to respond much quicker, more complex and focused on delivering impact across systems, not only within individual projects. We are acting on the need for much more integrated ways of working with, mobilising and supporting best the multiple diverse stakeholders, partners, community members and citizens.

To that end we have recently concluded the high-level design of a new Community Model for Climate-KIC which will go live from the beginning of 2022. We are seeking a Community Host to bring that Model to life, co-designing and implementing the relationship and value exchange needed to ensure our Community can thrive. This will include facilitation of visible, shared intent, joint fund-raising, meaningful connection and matchmaking leading to collaboration and experimentation, institionalised curiosity and serendipity, and an intensification of learning. Management of knowledge, connections and network effects is an key component of this role, with a view to building knowledge exchange, guided community access and community marketplace dynamics as a service. Identifying, amplifying and leveraging diversity will also be one of the role’s key concerns, given the purpose and focus of the community on innovation, and hence an understanding of and ability to design for and with multiple perspectives, both transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary.

This role will require a highly innovative person, at ease with complexity and the uncertainty that comes with it. Mindset matters. We are looking for someone who combines systems thinking with a deeply practical, solutions-finding approach, and uses both to shape a truly 21st century community; someone who can design and implement systems, structures, mechanisms, tools and processes that will enable EIT Climate-KIC to connect and inspire thousands of organisations across the world to effect change at a planetary scale.

Finally, what to expect in terms of ways of working. EIT Climate-KIC is in the course of a deliberate evolution to new organisational forms and structures that are designed to support a complex adaptive system – a ‘Team of Teams’. Our organisational design reflects the unusual multi-laterality and complexity of the work we are doing and the relationships we need to establish and sustain in order to do that work effectively. We draw inspiration from deliberately developmental, ‘teal’ organisations, holacracy and leadership in complexity approaches. It is our aspiration to be an organisation that makes the most of the capabilities and adaptive learning abilities of every one of its members through distributed leadership, empowerment and self-management, and intelligent risk-taking.

We are looking for our Community Host to play a critical part in role modelling supportive and collaborative leadership, working closely with Community members and with teams across EIT Climate-KIC to empower decision making and good management and to evolve our ways of working to model the change we want to see in the world.


Community Model Activation

  • Lead the implementation of the new Climate-KIC Community Model during 2022-2023 with Community Members, in close partnership with the Community Lead (who faces internally)
  • Design and lead the implementation of the member experience together with the Community Lead and Memberships Manager.
  • Design, align and monitor the community formats (i.e. events) to create a connected community.
  • Design and implement structures to create a strong community culture.
  • Design and produce protocols, guides and communication campaigns for the community.

Community Hosting

  • Liaise with Community members to understand their needs and issues and reporting back to relevant roles.
  • Manage communication with Community members.
  • Act as primary point of contact for inquiries from Community members.
  • Facilitate connections for Community members.
  • Monitor the satisfaction of Community members.
  • Co-design and deliver community events and workshops.

Outreach and Membership Sales

  • Develop outreach strategy for attracting new community members.
  • Develop and coordinate with marketing outreach campaigns for attracting new members.
  • Reach out and sell directly to potential Drive members.
  • Set and reach sales targets together with the Community Lead.

Events Management

  • Design, manage and host the community events both online and offline.
  • Create a delivery plan for the event, incl. catering, physical & technical setup, moderation & host resource needs.
  • Coordinate the event communication (event copy, event visuals, Eventbrite & Facebook events, etc.).
  • Coordinate the event promotion together with Community Communications.

Community Model Management and People Enablement

  • Provide community-centric input to the 2020-2023 Community budget and the annual work plans.
  • Foster a collaborative approach with all teams in Climate KIC to make the Community a common goal.
  • Provide sponsorship and leadership to the Community Team and to the cross-team working groups involved in community activities to ensure delivery consistency and coherence.
  • Develop a sustainable working model for the team, in partnership with the Community Lead, to ensure the business continuity of the community work, respecting emotional wellbeing and work/life balance.


  • Manage the virtual community space in alignment with the Community Lead and Memberships Manager.
  • Develop special internal communication campaigns and materials with the Community Lead.
  • Deliver internal daily/weekly/monthly Community communication on the platforms.
  • Ensure the proper frequency of posts on all the platforms.


  • Community Lead
  • Community Memberships Manager
  • Climate-KIC Community Members
  • Association Climate-KIC Members, Chair and Governing Board Members
  • CEO, COO, CSO and CFO Climate-KIC
  • Director of Digital Transformation
  • EU Affairs Team
  • Strategic Programmes Teams
  • Deep Demonstrations Programme Office and Teams
  • Demand Generation Teams
  • Communications Team
  • Climate-KIC Alumni



  • 5-10 years’ experience in innovation management, communications, organisational learning, design of knowledge exchange and cultural change.
  • Experience in community management, including designing, hosting and managing community events.
  • Experience in experimenting membership outreach and business development.
  • Evidence of being able to build effective and sustainable relationships internally and externally.


  • Innovative thinking and confidence to encourage creativity in others.
  • Ability to develop strong, long-term relationships with internal stakeholders and external community members.
  • Expertise in design thinking approaches, methodology and tools.
  • Expertise in deriving insight and using knowledge from data collected and analysed in decision. making, planning, cross organisational learning and external activities. This should include understanding of how to visualise / present meaningful information and insight for different uses and audiences.
  • Ability to effectively use and develop CRM systems.
  • Research skills, and evidence of an understanding of the climate change agenda.
  • Fluency in English language combined with excellent written and verbal communication skills; knowledge of other European languages highly desirable.
  • Facility with social media, web 2.0 and 3.0 communication and value exchange technologies.
  • Ability to develop, prioritise and manage work effectively.

Qualities, Personal Style, and Approach

  • Articulate and dynamic with highly developed interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively, inspire and motivate people.
  • Growth mindset; Highly adaptable, flexible and resilient: able to work effectively in ambiguity and complexity and to respond dynamically to change.
  • Customer service ethos and commitment to continuous improvement
  • ‘At home’ working with an international team and in a multi-disciplinary context.
  • Curious, ambitious, respectful and fearless.
  • Ability to keep the big picture in mind while focusing on the basics of implementation.
  • Proactive, commercial approach, entrepreneurial
  • A commitment to achieving social transformation in support of Climate-KIC’s mission.

Our application and recruitment process

Climate-KIC values diversity and welcomes applications from all suitably qualified candidates regardless of age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background.

Your application should be written in English and consist of:

  • a full curriculum vitae
  • a covering letter describing briefly how your profile, skills and experience meet the criteria outlined in the person specification, and outlining your interest in and vision for the role.
  • your current salary
  • where you saw this role advertised.

Please send your full application using the “apply now” button above. You should state your full name, followed by the role for which you are applying for in the subject line of the email. The deadline for receipt of applications is 23.59 GMT on the date published on the job advert.

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by email.

Your application will be reviewed on or around the closing date for the vacancy for which you have applied. If your application is shortlisted for interview, you will be contacted directly by Climate-KIC.

Candidates invited to a first interview, will be notified of the outcome and informed about next stages if they are successful.

NB/ This advertisement will be taken down from the website after the closing date so it is a good idea to copy and keep the text for reference to use should you be invited to interview.

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