Working at different urban scales

Urban investment and implementation decisions tend to be made at distinct scales.

A real-estate owner, for example, might make decisions in the context of a single building, while a municipality might consider decisions around waste collection at the whole-city scale. By considering these different levels and how they interact, decision-makers can better understand how to integrate systems between them.

We run flagship programmes and innovation projects, from start-ups to demonstration stage, each with a focus on one of these scales:

The Building Scale

Building Technologies Accelerator

Urban Transitions’ Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) flagship programme incorporates several innovation projects focused on making significant CO2 reductions in buildings through low-carbon materials, circular economy models, bankable refurbishment solutions and user-friendly energy management.

These are scaled up by enhancing value chains throughout the construction sector.



The District Scale

Smart Sustainable Districts

Urban Transitions’ Smart Sustainable Districts (SSD) flagship programme is a consortium of pioneering city districts working together to deploy and accelerate the knowledge, expertise and best practice needed to transition to zero-carbon living and build climate resilience into Europe’s cities.

The SSD network develops tools, frameworks and services to create dialogue, test the impact of district-level technologies and enable sustainable district development. 


The City Scale

Innovation and Start-ups

From electric transport planning software to public lighting and port operations, Urban Transitions’ innovation projects and initiatives provide a pipeline of scalable urban climate solutions.

Urban Challenges

Our Urban Challenges programme helps our city partners to define the challenges they face before opening it up to fresh thinking. We host competitive and open innovation pitch events at which entrepreneurs can respond to these challenges. We also help to test and implement those solutions in the real world.


EIT Climate-KIC is a partner of PROSPECT, a learning programme that forms part of the Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Its overall aim is to enable peer-to-peer learning in at least 180 regional and local authorities in order to finance and implement their sustainable energy plans.

Reinventing Cities

In partnership with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, we recently launched a Re-inventing Cities programme in more than a dozen major cities worldwide. From Aukland to Reykjavik, this pioneering programme provides a framework and tools for cities to transform under-utilised sites into beacons of low-carbon development and climate resilience.


ConnectedClusters is a collaboration between EIT Climate-KIC partners in Edinburgh, London, Birmingham, Frankfurt and Valencia. Between now and 2020, the cities will share, replicate and scale what works in developing innovation ecosystems for delivering effective climate action. ConnectedClusters will develop new collaborative approaches to technology, procurement, investment and training. For more information visit

1 Million Homes

1 Million Homes is an EIT Climate-KIC programme set to retrofit one million homes to near-zero energy/carbon neutral within the next five years. We are working closely together with cities, regions and other stakeholders in Europe to start with creating 10 million more sustainable homes. We are targeting aggregated demand to trigger a radical change in retrofit supply chain and construction, deliver climate impact at scale and match a large demand pipeline with large scale financing available. We are looking for cities, regions, real estate owners/managers and investors that wish to embark upon this adventure/transformation journey and co-create with us. To find out more and join the campaign click here.