Climate-KIC’s Loop Programme is a unique global innovation platform on circular economy that aims to close the loop on high-emissions material systems (such as cement, plastics, steel and aluminium), and dematerialise demand in urban areas.

The programme accelerates the transition to a low-carbon, closed-loop society by supporting innovation on all crucial elements for transforming from a linear to a circular economy: new business models, technologies, standards, policies and finance. By working on a combination of parallel interventions, it aims to create closed loops in five city districts in the next five years.

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eCircular is accelerating the circularity of plastic-based material systems and dematerialising plastic demand, with the vision of a reaching a carbon-neutral material system by 2050. 

The programme is promoting smart manufacturing solutions, advanced eco-design approaches, new business models and alternative consumption patterns. Advanced policies and industry standards are also being explored to scale-up innovative solutions.

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Re-industrialise is an innovation and transformation programme addressing the risks industrial areas face during their transition to carbon neutrality, ensuring that environmental progress can be made in an inclusive and prosperous economic context.

Through a systematic approach towards understanding regions most at risk of economic disruption due to decarbonisation, the programme will develop repeatable, scalable solutions to carbon-intensive industries and regions.

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<<2° Pathway

EIT Climate-KIC’s <<2°C Pathway is a long-term transformative innovation programme that focuses on decarbonising high-emission industrial value chains.

With the objective of meeting the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent before 2050, we aim to accelerate industries’ understanding and uptake of CO2 reduction targets, and develop innovative services that enable game-changing deep decarbonisation pathways.

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