Making Zero Emission Fuels a reality

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2017

Location: The Netherlands

ZEF (Zero Emission Fuels) develops a low cost integrated synthetic fuel production unit for green chemical and fuel companies. For companies who are in search for lower cost renewable chemicals and fuels, ZEF offers a circular solution to upgrade the business case of 4th generation renewable fuels.

Unlike current biofuels and chemicals, ZEF developed a product that is highly scalable and offers truly net-zero emissions. 


Ulrich Starke

Email: ulrich@zeroemissionfuels.com
Website: www.zeroemissionfuels.com

Team Members: Hessel Jongebreur, Jan van Kranendonk (Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc.), Ulrich Starke (Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc.)