Manage your own energy!

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: Switzerland

Younergy is introducing a solar subscription service (German: “Solar Abo”) that allows customers to benefit from affordable solar electricity with no upfront payment.

Younergy helps customers go solar by removing the impediments (capital cost, risk, effort) from the purchasing process in a scalable, automated way. This is done by using geographical information systems (GIS) to automate quotes and engineering processes in order to reduce customer acquisition costs.

The team members and advisors have 12 years of accumulated experience in solar photovoltaic energy.

Team Members: Pedro Miranda (Business, MBA + Civil Engineering MSc); Manuel Cocera (Agronomical Engineering, MSc + Environmental Science, BSc); Konstantinos Chantzis (Computer Science, MSc, PhD); Madjid Mirmo (Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship, MSc)